What would change if your whole school prioritised and practised mental fitness and emotional regulation everyday?…

Jo Bradley

 …If you chose to embed moments of settling, emotional awareness, self-reflection and compassion into your curriculum?

…If instead of worrying about not doing enough to support the mental and emotional health of your children and staff at primary school,
you were confident that everyone was consistently prioritising and practising

…If your children, staff and school families were well-equipped to notice and nurture their own well-being needs and were
empowered to take responsible action to help themselves

…If your anxious, stressed and overwhelmed children (and families) had self-help strategies that worked for them

…If your staff felt more confident to communicate and manage mental and emotional health needs and a deeper connection with pupils

…If more children recognised the role their mind and body plays in their approach to learning, and how they could identify their own barriers and self-chosen actions to overcome them

…If everyone knew how to soothe their nervous systems by utilising the outside environment, taking time for regular pausing and being able to read their body signals and respond safely and appropriately 

…If you ALL had a fully equipped toolbox of tools and strategies to use
that help you when you’re stressed, tired, anxious or frustrated? (Yes, teachers too!)

Learnful Schools develops and improves the mental health and wellbeing of staff and children in all year groups at primary school.

There is no planning, prep or additional workload for staff.

It is easy to implement, it has a real impact on the whole school in all areas but particularly mental health, emotional wellbeing, children’s behaviour and attitudes to learning.

A whole-school approach EMPOWERS children and staff…

“The class are keen to share what they have learned with their parents, siblings and other members of their families! They are so good at advising other children when they are having a tough time.”

Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead, Wyvern Primary School

Breath Awareness:

Inhale, Pause, Exhale, Pause

Sense Awareness:

Take a time out with the colours of the rainbow

Mindful Movement/Body Awareness:

Notice and observe sensations in your body

If we are aware of ourselves and each other, we are more able to support ourselves and each other.

A consistent mindfulness practice in schools empowers individuals to:


Stand back and observe
(themselves, each other and events)

Consider responses and choices

Learn a new way if a current way isn’t working

Forgive themselves and others

Notice feelings and thoughts

Increase flow and joy

Support themselves and others

Prioritise what’s important

Invite happiness

Your school is a haven of learning and growing.
Your children and staff are powerful and passionate.

Your place and your people deserve to be looked after.

Without mental and emotional well-being practice, you are likely to notice:

…Words and communications revolve around improving external factors only (playing with someone else, moving to a different space, blaming others or even the weather!)

…Quick reactions rather than chosen responses.

…Learning and teaching at the mercy of moods.

…Lack of concentration and focus for effective learning (wandering minds)

…Negative and critical thinking and beliefs of your learners  (I’m no good, I can’t do it, Other people are better than me, There’s something wrong with me).

“I cannot recommend Jo enough. Every single child and staff member feels the benefit of practising ‘noticing’ every day. Her work is vital to surviving and succeeding in this very complex and complicated world.”

Headteacher at Redlands Community Primary School
(Learnful School Member for 4 years)

It is all possible with the support of…

How does Learnful Schools
support my staff, children and parents?

Learnful Schools is a supportive online, whole school membership which transforms mental and emotional well-being by embedding daily practice for all.


All less than 10 minutes a day, delivered virtually, to everyone in your primary school. A flexible variety of well-being activities, mindful awareness meditations, teachings and audios to develop awareness of thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviours…and equip each individual with their own self-help toolkit.


Making it as easy as possible to involve your school families, they receive a weekly update that can be watched from home on phones or tablets.  Demonstrations and suggestions of mindfulness practise that can support mental and emotional well-being at home. (Office staff send out link to parents each week). 


For staff members that want to develop their own mindfulness practice, there is Learnful Educators. A place to learn about implementing well-being or mindfulness in their classroom and their personal lives. There are meditations, mindful activities and teachings and suggestions of useful props and reading resources.


I like to meet the primary schools, staff and children I’m supporting with the Learnful School Membership. Where possible I’ll deliver an initial in-school training session to staff and an introductory assembly for children (and parents). If I’m not able to do this in-person, then I can deliver pre-recorded or live sessions for your school via Teams or Zoom.


To promote world and national events, and key awareness weeks, the membership includes specific practises that can be shared and used during those times. Current practises included in the membership are:
– Anti-Bullying Week
– Children’s Mental Health Week
– Year 6 SATs
– New Year
– School transitions


I’m Jo Bradley, an online mindfulness coach for schools.

Once an Assistant Headteacher and a teacher in primary schools for over 10 years, and now a trained mindfulness teacher with a young family, I know what school life is like and the impact it has on home life.

The Learnful School Membership has been designed to be easy for you and your staff.
No extra workload, no planning and beneficial to you too!

No matter what staffing changes take place, Learnful delivers consistent and daily well-being practice. (We even talk about staff changes in the practice!)

It’s the support I lacked when I was teaching and only discovered after I left.

I wouldn’t have learnt how to help myself mentally and emotionally if I hadn’t left teaching, got quite unhappy and ‘discovered’ mindfulness. It was all part of my journey, to put some calm, ease and simplicity back into a school system, that right now needs it more than ever.


Learnful Schools has achieved some remarkable transformations for children, teachers and parents.

Here’s a few things they’ve said about the impact of embedding a regular mental health and emotional wellbeing practice…

“Witnessing children no older than the age of five, selecting their own breathing techniques has been fascinating. I’ve seen children at the end of a busy day, choosing to take some silent time before heading home.”

EYFS Teacher, Redlands Primary School

Faye, 5

“Jo, I have told you on a couple of occassions how your mindfulness classroom activities are making a difference to my children and it has been one of the best interventions purchased by the school. Words cannot describe the joy in my little girl when she instantly feels better when using one of your techniques that you teach them. She has her top 5 favourites that have the most incredible impact on her. It should be standard practice in every school. Thank you x”

Kerrie, Parent

Faye, 5

“Love doing my mindful moments with my phonics group, we all benefit greatly as it helps us focus on our learning.”

Support Staff , Year 1

Faye, 5

“It’s helped me to understand that my emotions are normal. They come and visit for a bit then they go. ”

Year 4 child

Faye, 5

“I used to get so frustrated and upset with myself when learning fractions. Now I’m much more forgiving and kinder to myself.”

Year 6 child

Faye, 5

…and the same can be achieved so easily in your school

Start your whole-school transformation today…

Email jo@learnful.co.uk to get started or book a Virtual Chat so she can show you around…

Start your whole-school transformation today…


Whole-School Access for One Year


How do the staff access the membership?

Upon joining, each staff member will receive login details for their school email address. This can be used to access the membership whenever they want.

Each week, the staff receive new practices in the themed Weekly Watch area.

What happens when staff change?

Email jo@learnful.co.uk to let me know of any changes and I’ll update, alter, add or delete member details. At the end of each term, I’ll ask for any amendments of your staff member accounts.

Does it include EYFS too?

Yes. Many of the practices are suitable for EYFS children. I encourage you to try as many as you can and find what works for you your children.

We've never practised mindfulness and well-being as a whole-school before. Does that matter?

Not at all. Whether you are new to the practice or have already dabbled, it’s suitable. Over time, individuals will develop their own personal, go-to techniques and strategies that help them.

Do you offer refunds?

No. I’m certain that if you’ve bought the membership, you’ve invested in the longer-term transformation. Please make use of the free videos and resources on this site and use Virtual Chat option where I can show you through the membership to ensure Learnful is a good fit for your school.

Can we leave the membership?

Payment for the membership is paid termly or annually. It will run for the duration of your investment. If you wish to continue or halt your membership, simply let me know. No money will be refunded.

How much time will it take?

Each practice is less than 10 minutes a day and is totally flexible to suit class timetables. Like regular brushing teeth for dental health, daily practise supports greater transformation and increased self-awareness. Maximum weekly time 50 minutes.

Parent update videos are around 3-5 minutes in duration and are sent out from your school office in their weekly communications.

What tech do we need?

Nothing additional to your normal school set-up. Computer, whiteboard and speakers. 

On initial start, you may have to alter your school proxy settings to allow your school to access content from http://learnful.co.uk (this is dependent on your school safety settings and restrictions). Once it’s done, it won’t need to be done again.

Do we have to do something everyday?

Liken mindfulness practice to brushing your teeth.

If you brushed your teeth once a day, then they would be stronger healthier teeth than those that were brushed every other day.

If you brush twice a day, they will be healthier and stronger than teeth brushed only once a day.

The membership provides daily practice. Mindful awareness will naturally start to infiltrate into the school day as your children and staff start to ‘notice and nurture themselves’.

Regularity and consistency of practice leads to greatest transformation.

Got another question?

Email me at jo@learnful.co.uk


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