Providing mental and emotional wellbeing transformation for schools

Our world needs mentally and
emotionally healthy children and teachers.

Hi, I’m Jo, and I empower children and teachers to nurture and improve their mental health and emotional wellbeing so they can live, learn and teach with more happiness.

Welcome to Learnful.

I’m so glad you’re here.

I know how much you want to support your learners with their emotional and mental health needs.

You know it’s vital for learning now and the difference it makes to a child’s future ability to flourish in today’s society.

With so many wellbeing offerings for schools, you want to choose the best thing for your school that truly improves and transforms individuals for life, not just something ‘nice to do’ each day with a little long-term impact.

Here’s how I can help you…

Learnful School Membership Programme

Integrate everyday mindfulness and mindset practise into your school for the long-lasting benefit of your children, staff and parents.


Online 6 Week School Mindfulness Course for KS2


Staff Training
Mindfulness & Mindset in school

Cultivate positive mindful role-models by integrating practical mindfulness into the daily school routine.


New Year Resolution Audios FREE Resource

Wellbeing Resource Toolbox

What people are saying…

“I love your use of language, ie a feeling visits them rather than they are an angry child.
Using your own children as examples really helps as the children can relate to this.”

Year 5 teacher, Leicestershire.

Faye, 5

“It’s good because it makes me think a bit deeper about what’s going on inside me?”

Rosie, 11 Faye, 5

Staff at Redlands Community Primary School, Leicestershire

Delivering mental health and emotional wellbeing transformation within schools


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