Providing mental and emotional wellbeing transformation for schools

Giving them the tools to thrive in life and learning

Hi, I’m Jo, and I empower children in schools to notice and nurture their mental health and emotional wellbeing so they can live and learn with more happiness.

Those faces. Those hearts. Those minds. 

Precious and powerful with endless potential – yet not always mentally and emotionally supported to achieve it.

Give them the gift of self-awareness so they can unlock their own true potential.

Here’s how I help you…

School Membership

Develop a whole-school culture that values mental and emotional wellbeing by embedding a regular and collective mindfulness and mindset practice into your curriculum.



Staff Training

Cultivate positive mindful role-models by integrating practical mindfulness into the daily school routine.



FREE! Wellbeing Workshop for Year 6

Wellbeing Resource Toolbox

What people are saying…

“I love your use of language, ie a feeling visits them rather than they are an angry child.
Using your own children as examples really helps as the children can relate to this.”

Year 5 teacher, Leicestershire.

Faye, 5

“It’s good because it makes me think a bit deeper about what’s going on inside me?”

Rosie, 11 Faye, 5

Staff at Redlands Community Primary School, Leicestershire

Delivering mental health and emotional wellbeing transformation within schools


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