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Learnful in action at Redlands Community Primary School…

What Learnful School Heads, School Staff and Parents are saying…

“We love Learnful, it’s brilliant! It’s been a huge part of our daily life at Redlands. Every day, it fits straight in to our timetable after lunch and all children from EYFS to Year 6, with their teachers and teaching assistants, have their 10 minutes of mindfulness practice. It’s no extra work for our staff and we all benefit.” (Headteacher Redlands Community Primary School, Learnful School for three years)

“After just three days of mindfulness practice with Learnful, a pupil explained how he’d used hot chocolate breathing at home to calm down after an argument with his mum. It really put a smile on my face!” (Headteacher, Willowbrook Mead Primary Academy)

“Easy to use. Allows me to have a moment of mindfulness too. The children are really engaged and listening. For example, a child said to me last week ‘I had to remember that I am strong and stable like a tree’.” (Teacher)

“Gives the children time to stop and think.” (Teacher)

“The drip feed effects of these programmes are really helping.” (Parent)

“I loved it during lockdown and homeschooling. I got to practice too. It helped me relax more than her I reckon! (Parent)

What Learnful School Heads and School Staff are saying...

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