The impact it's having...

Children, teachers and school families in Learnful Schools practise positive mental health, emotional awareness and self-regulation every day.

Over time, individuals start to notice and help themselves. They become aware of thoughts and feelings and are equipped with strategies they can use in a moment of need.

Here are a selection of comments from children, teachers and parents that have practised mental and emotional wellbeing regularly and how they’ve noticed transformation taking place.

parent voice

What school children and staff are saying about the varied wellbeing and mindfulness practices…

Dancing for Emotional Release

‘It was lovely’

‘It was fun and it made me feel happy’

‘It made me feel happy and excited’

‘It was fascinating because it was so fun’

‘The music was very fast and I liked it’

Year 6
positivity an optimism
self-reliance responsibility
self awareness concentration
equipping children
eyfs ks1
kindness and compassion
self control emotional regulation
calming and self regulation
expressing emotions
dealing with difficulty
empowered self-aware
noticing and nurturing
equipping and empowering

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