Monday Midday Mindfulness Sessions

Helping children, parents and teachers invite more peace, calm and ease

March 15th …More happiness please! How to direct your thoughts to joyful events and experiences

March 8th…Self-soothing by getting to know how your feelings feel 

March 1st…Smiling vs NOT smiling. Exploring how our facial expressions feel.

February 22nd…Inviting qualities of caring, sharing and playfulness into our day 

February 15th…Learning internal calm without using the breath.

February 8th…Stopping the Spin. Interrupting the growing swirl of thoughts and feelings.

February 1st…Giving yourself space so you can choose to respond rather than react.

Jan 25th…Starting online lessons mindfully. Calm and focus.

Jan 18th…Being kind to yourself. Confidence and comfort.

Jan 11th…Calming and settling yourself when you need to.

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