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If your child goes to a Learnful School, you have free access to mini e-courses.

Please request the discount code from your school or email stating your child’s school name.

Free Parent & Child Mindfulness Practices…

Describe What You See: Grounding Activity

Grounding is something you do to bring yourself into the present moment.

There are many ways to ground, I suggest practising lots of them so you have a choice of what works well for you when required.

Grounding can be useful for you and your child when experiencing anxiety, worry, fear, mental and/or physical overwhelm and any other emotional visitor.

In the now, without thoughts, there is simplicity.

Try this activity:

On the school run. No extra time needed. This time is already available to you.
With extra adjectives. Extend your child’s literacy development at the same time as practising mindfulness. E.g. White, streaky clouds instead of just ‘clouds’.
As a game. Take it in turns, look beyond the obvious and tune into finer details.

This simple activity can be practised anywhere, at anytime and is suitable for all ages.

It’s a way of getting out of your busy head and into the present moment.

Enjoy, Jo x

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