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Previous parent workshop recordings are £10 each.


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Cost: £10

Host: Jo Bradley

The Language of Emotions:

How do I talk to my child about their thoughts and feelings? 

A 45-minute helpful workshop for parents on how to enhance communication and confidently talk about thoughts and feelings with your child in a safe, healthy and appropriate way.

In this supportive workshop we cover:

  • The importance of acknowledging and talking about visiting emotions and thoughts.
  • The common labels that are used for emotional visitors.
  • The flavour of our questioning…for example questioning why we are feeling a certain way versus where are we experiencing it?
  • Helpful metaphors to use so children can make sense of their experiences.
  • Words and phrases to use at home that aid connected communication.
  • Role-modelling, leading by example and story-telling.
  • Choosing your tone of voice and noticing your body language.

After the workshop you may feel more confident at noticing how you are asking your children about their emotional experiences and how you can lead and demonstrate simple, practical and connected communication with just a few tweaks to your existing methods.

 Cost: £10

Host: Jo Bradley

From Summer Fun to School Run:
Easing the Transition in September

A 45-minute helpful workshop for parents on how to adjust, settle and soothe your way through this school term together.

In this supportive workshop we cover:

  • Why you and your children may be having more emotionally-fuelled reactions and meltdowns/struggles/stress events/worries during this autumn term
  • How to spot stresses and stressors and be given the opportunity to ‘see’ how they are played out through words, thoughts, emotional-outbursts and behaviour choices.
  • The need for feeling safe, grounded and secure and how to practise this easily and quickly at home and in school.
  • How to use pausing and mindfulness strategies to diffuse, settle and soothe situations, and allow you and your children space to choose a calmer response.
  • How to be compassionate and caring to yourself during times of change and challenge (not adding to the ‘mum/dad guilt’ and the long lists of ‘should’s’ and ‘shouldn’t haves’ that we feel when it comes to our parenting decisions and experiences.)

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