Parent & Child Mindfulness and Wellbeing Practices

Spring Term 2022

Advice and Guidance for Parents and Families

Support for Sleep: Out of busy mind, into body

The first time many of us stop is when we go to bed. When we get there, we can find that our mind is processing all the goings-on of the day and in your life. Our mind tries to help us make sense of situations and to keep us safe (it doesn’t always do a great job of this though), leaving us unable to switch off, tired and struggling to sleep. 

Practising body awareness at bedtime is an easy way to come out of your head and direct your attention elsewhere. It’s a super practice for children too. Have a watch and start practising at bedtime, take your time and notice.

Slow yourself down with a warm/cool pause

Small mindful pauses throughout your day can help to rejuvenate, relieve, calm and settle yourself. When we pause, we are providing space to help ourselves choose our responses rather than immediately and automatically react to situations and events.

This short practice shows you how to use the warmth of the summer sun to take a pause and place your attention on the heat you feel on your skin.

It’s a quick and simple way of coming out of your busy mind and into your body…super!

Making time for Self-Praise

It’s easy to automatically focus on things we still haven’t done, tasks we need to get better at and the constant urge to BE BETTER and DO BETTER in our lives.

Pointing ourselves to regularly notice what we CAN DO, HAVE DONE and where we ARE BEING GREAT is an important reflection time that should be embedded regularly in all of our days – whether we are child, parent or teacher.

A regular self-praise practice can increase motivation, strengthen positive neural pathways in the brain and invite ‘wanted emotional visitors’ such as happiness, contentment and pride. Without this important reflection time, we can easily find ourselves at the mercy of ‘unwanted emotional visitors’ such as shame, guilt or sadness.

Before you go, say out loud three things that you’re good at, proud of or happy that you’ve achieved right now.

Well done! Now go and share this tip with others and encourage them to regularly do the same.

Little things, done daily can make a BIG difference to mental health and wellbeing.

Mental Health Awareness Week 2022: Loneliness 

Loneliness is a feeling that is experienced.

It is what many of us would label as uncomfortable and/or unenjoyable.

We wouldn’t choose to experience it and we’d love for our children to avoid it too.

However, we don’t often to get to pick and choose our feelings, they visit us uninvited.

This video shares some some simple steps to help manage feelings of loneliness when they visit you or your family members.

Arguments and Events: Supporting you to respond rather than react

Choosing to respond rather than react

Advice and guidance video for parents

Breath Awareness Practice…

Blowing Out Candles

Pausing Practice…

Giving yourself space to choose your response

Mini E-Courses for Parents and Families

If your child goes to a Learnful School, you have free access to these mini e-courses.

Please request the discount code from your school or email stating your child’s school name.

Free Parent & Child Mindfulness Practices…

Describe What You See: Grounding Activity

Grounding is something you do to bring yourself into the present moment.

There are many ways to ground, I suggest practising lots of them so you have a choice of what works well for you when required.

Grounding can be useful for you and your child when experiencing anxiety, worry, fear, mental and/or physical overwhelm and any other emotional visitor.

In the now, without thoughts, there is simplicity.

Try this activity:

On the school run. No extra time needed. This time is already available to you.
With extra adjectives. Extend your child’s literacy development at the same time as practising mindfulness. E.g. White, streaky clouds instead of just ‘clouds’.
As a game. Take it in turns, look beyond the obvious and tune into finer details.

This simple activity can be practised anywhere, at anytime and is suitable for all ages.

It’s a way of getting out of your busy head and into the present moment.

Enjoy, Jo x

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Other recommended wellbeing services for families…

Grounded Little Minds with Amanda Ashy

Are you ready to create a better world for your children?

With Grounded Little Minds, Amanda has created a fun and interactive platform for children to finally be able to learn how to boost their emotional intelligence and grow their social-emotional wellbeing.

Parents are welcome to join their children in this learning!

Over the last couple of years Amanda has taught thousands of children how to develop their most important superpower – emotional literacy!

Shelley Smith

Shelley is an Integrative Psychotherapist (Person Centred, Attachment & Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and works with children aged from 7 upwards, young people and adults in 1:1 sessions and small groups. Shelley is also an experienced trainer and Founder of the Sunrise Wellbeing Therapy Centre in Anstey – a hub of holistic therapeutic support for all ages

Nicola Fox

Nicola is a reflexology practitioner specialising in supporting anxiety through foot and or hand reflexology. Nicola works with children, young people and adults through 1:1 treatments and workshops. The workshops enable individuals to learn a self-support hand routine or parents/carers to learn a hand routine to use on their own children and family as a practical strategy to cope with anxiety.

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