The alarm goes off, you grab breakfast on the go, you run through the days tasks in your mind whilst driving to work, you get to school, you spend the day working; you grab a quick lunch break if you’re lucky – before tackling the rest of the afternoon. After school, you make a dint in the marking, attend your staff meeting, prepare your resources and finish.


But it doesn’t stop there does it?

When the working day “ends” the stress continues, as you take your work home to finish later – only after you’ve made the dinner and done everything else that needs doing that day and by that point you are exhausted.

Does this sound familiar?

This was my typical daily routine a few years ago when I was a full-time teacher and assistant head teacher at a primary school. The day didn’t finish at 3.15pm, it went on and on late into the night, and into weekends, when my mind would be buzzing non-stop planning for the days ahead. This relentless pace of life left me with little time to myself and despite working all hours, I felt that I was spreading myself too thin and was not performing as well as I wanted to. This affected my happiness and that of family members around me.

It was only having experienced the demanding routine of full-time work, leaving my teaching career and eventually becoming a mum to two small children whilst juggling everyday home life that I discovered the power of mindfulness. It was an enormous relief as for the first time in a long time I was able to switch off, rest my mind, create freedom and space to recharge my batteries.

I grew and developed my newfound passion by qualifying as teacher of mindfulness and also trained as an NLP (neuro linguistic programming) Practitioner.

With daily practice in mindfulness, the fog is clearing and I realise that it is of little surprise that mental health issues are on the rise across all sectors as our conventional society expects that we maintain the pace and onslaught of daily demands both at home and at work at the expense of our own well-being.

Combining mindfulness and NLP techniques with my continued strong passion to inspire and make a positive difference to others, I knew that I could make a real, positive and profound difference enriching the daily lives of both teachers and primary school children, because I, myself never received such support.

As teachers and parents, we are role models to the next generation. Do we want them to burn out as we are currently doing or do we want to stand up, take control, honor ourselves and empower the next generation with the right tools and techniques to love themselves and live the life that they choose and deserve?

From my journey of self-discovery, a new revolution was born in the form of ‘Learnful’, an essential toolkit for both teachers and students that allow you to find your inner-peace and calm wherever you are, no matter what the demands are on you.

Join the ‘Learnful’ revolution and discover your ‘moment’ of inner-peace, space and freedom to help clear the path for our next generation of happy and balanced empowered individuals.


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