Do you teach the children in your class to become thought watchers?

Do you know how to watch your own thoughts?

Every minute of every day, we are all thinking. Most of it unproductive thinking too – even though we don’t think so (see, thinking again!).

If we want to help our children to understand themselves and know what is bothering them, holding them back, worrying them or not helping them – then thought watching is an essential life skill.

The content of thoughts can be very insightful. Anything from self-critical, angry, anxious, exaggerated, upsetting, excited, pleasurable you name it, we have thoughts about it, but to begin, it’s the noticing we’re thinking that is important.

This video is taken from a week’s worth of videos for KS2 children on how to thought watch. Teachers and children practising mindful awareness together in their classrooms.

If you’re a teacher, school leader or parent, grab a pencil and join in.

Can you notice when you’ve jumped on a thought train? Can you jump back to the platform? Why not play this in your classroom and practice thought watching together?

I’d love to know how you get on

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