7 Days of Family Mindfulness

Invite calm, connection and communication into your life and home with a regular mindfulness practice that nurtures your mental and emotional health.

 We’re all now juggling all the things aren’t we?
Work, life and learning.

All at once, in the same space.

We are maintaining our mental and physical health,  by staying active, connected, purposeful and as happy as we can, in our days of lockdown.

No matter what our life situation, each and every one of us will be experiencing waves and rollercoaster emotions, in varying degrees – fine one moment, wobbly the next.

Whether it be stress, pressure, anxiety, boredom, hopelessness and frustration – or the ones we like – calm, peace, satisfaction, contentment, joy and happiness – we’ll be experiencing them all, in close proximity to each other.

     You want to be at ease with it.
    You want to go with the flow of it.
    You want your family to do the same.

    You know to focus on the positives and enjoy the unexpected pleasures, and you want to be supportive and strong.

    But like many of us, you and your family could do with some help and guidance on:

    How to find and use calm to settle
    How to become aware and in control of our visiting emotions
    How to be at ease for yourself and each other as often as possible

    Right now, your mental and emotional health is PRIORITY.

    You and your family all want to get through this together in the easiest and kindest way.

    I can help you do that with my simple and easy 7 Day Family Mindfulness Practice.

    I’ll guide you day-by-day with ways to find calm, utilise your breath and deal with emotional visitors.

    (As this is a family mindfulness practice, ideally, as many members of your family join in. But even if it’s just one of you, go with it. Your actions have a ripple effect – you already  know that because you know how easy it is to spread a bad mood!)

    Think of this practice as a daily workout for a mentally healthy mind and emotional wellbeing.

    Each day for 7 days, you’ll receive an email with a guided mindfulness practice to follow with your family and support resources to help you.

    To sign up to the 7 Day Family Mindfulness Practice simply add your name and email address below and get started as soon as you’re ready.

    (Please remember to check junk and spam folders for your emails).

    See you there, Jo x

    7 Days of Family Mindfulness

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