FREE Wellbeing Workshop for Year 6

Empower your Year 6 students to notice and nurture their mental and emotional health so they live and learn with more happiness.

Suitable for Year 6, Year 6 teachers and parents of Year 6 students.

Year 6 is a fantastic year at school yet one that can throw up challenges and changes for even the most resilient of children.

With SATs and transition to secondary school on the horizon, coupled with hormonal developments, increased independence and social situations, it’s understandable why Year 6’s can start to wobble emotionally and mentally.

Feelings of anxiety, stress, pressure to perform, self-doubt, self-esteem, self-worth and fear of failure all play heavily on the happiness levels and mental and emotional ‘healthiness’ of Year 6’s.

This FREE workshop provides Year 6’s with the time, space and guidance to notice and nurture their thoughts and feelings and gives them tools and strategies they can use to help them when they need it.

What’s in the workshop?

  • Part 1: Problems and Pain Points
    Introducing what we’re finding hard in Year 6 and how to accept, forgive ourselves and notice when we’re suffering. (12:04mins)
  • Part 2: Where our problems live.
    In this section we look at who/what we blame for our emotions and allow space to accept responsiblity for them. (15:31 mins)
  • Part 3: Feeling feelings
    Emotions live in the body and in this section we learn to notice our feelings with a mindful body awareness. (15:51 mins)
  • Part 4: Thoughts & Beliefs
    How can we tell what we’re thinking? External clues such as body language and facial expressions help but by identifying our beliefs, we can spot our thoughts much more easily. (14:18 mins)
  • Part 5: Thought Watching
    Noticing our ‘inner voice’ and ‘internal commentary’ around learning and other situations. (9:15 mins)
  • Part 6: Negativity, Positivity and Kindness (8:27 mins)
    Noticing negative thoughts and feelings and finding alternative words/phrases/actions that are kinder and more self-compassionate.
  • Part 7: Concluding the Workshop (12:01 mins)

The workshop is split into short bite-sized sections so you can easily fit it into your school day.

“They’re noticing their own emotions and catching themselves when negative thinking. They also have their own toolkit of tools to use to help them calm and settle. It’s been brilliant and we all feel more confident to help ourselves and each other.”

Year 6 Teacher, Leicestershire.

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