What if you had more ease and calm in your family right now?

What would change for you if you had deeper connections and family life felt easier and happier?

…If instead of short-tempers and frustrated reactions, you paused and chose more helpful responses.

…If you no longer expected your family to understand how you feel because you’re more open, honest and communicative about feelings.

…If instead of life’s events and situations dictating your happiness, you dedicate effort into developing your own positive attitude and approach, no matter what life throws at you.

…If you paid attention to your own mental and emotional needs first so you had more patience, energy and desire to support others around you.

…If your family members started to realise that life can be easier, gentler and more enjoyable because they see you doing it.

…If you ALL had a fully equipped toolbox of tools and strategies to use that help you when you’re stressed, tired, anxious or frustrated?

Did you know that a regular mindfulness practice helps you live more freely with more joy and less stress?

Allowing you to notice your burdens and barriers and empower you to relax, forgive and proceed with stability and strength.


You begin to notice your feelings and know how to help yourself.

You become aware of your thoughts, recognising which ones are helpful and which ones are not.

You gain more time and energy. Yes, you heard me. Thinking is time-consuming and exhausting. When you notice that, you can release yourself and enjoy what it is you’re actually doing. Choosing to use your thinking mind when you need to.

You become aware when you’re struggling to concentrate or focus. You also know what to do about it!

You observe your overly-critical, judgemental or people-pleasing self. Once this is observed, you become responsible for practising self-compassion.

A regular mindfulness practice empowers us to:


Slow down

Prioritise what’s important

Stand back and observe

Consider our responses

Learn a new way if our current way isn’t working for us

Forgive ourselves and others

Increase flow and joy

Support others

Find happiness

And a family as special as yours, is worth looking after.

If you and your family place little or no attention on mental and emotional wellness, you are likely to notice:

…Your words and communications revolve around improving external factors only (changing jobs, schools, activities or blaming others etc)

…Quick reactions and comments to people and events (no time given to mull it over)

…Being at the mercy of your moods. If you’re up, great. If not, oh dear.

…Your motivation and desire wanes AND you beat yourself up for it (I’m no good, I can’t do it, other people are better than me).

…You fly off the handle, sulk or withdraw. With no tools to help you through this or learn from this.

Just imagine if your wellbeing practice started to help you. You started interrupting your mood, pausing for space and smiling at your self-awareness. Imagine how good it would feel to take control and feel happier for it.

It is all possible with the support of…

How does the Learnful Family look after my family?

The Learnful Family is a supportive online membership that provides you with everything you need practice mindfulness regularly at home. With short and sweet sessions to longer meditations, and sessions/activities for parents, children or both,  you have the freedom to create your own mindfulness journey with my full support. Here’s how…


My mission is to help you and your family become self-aware in all areas of your life, school and work. These masterclasses are full of goodness that help you to shine a spotlight on your day-to-day behaviours, thoughts and feelings so you are empowered to notice yourself much more.


Get still, get silent, get settled and join me each week for a mindful awareness session, suitable for the whole family.

Q & A:

It’s good to talk and it’s good to ask.
As your mindfulness practice develops, you’ll have questions and repeatedly want to get clear on what, why and how? I know this because, I’ve needed it and still do. I’ll be available to answer your questions and comments in a variety of ways. Group calls, questions threads and email.


One thing people find difficult (including me) is remembering to be mindful in our day-to-day activities. A few prompts and reminders are great at keeping your practice regular and easy to do around the house, at work or in school. I’ll be dropping in to keep the little mindful actions happening.


This is your library of mindfulness practice. Filled with activities, meditations, teachings and audios to help you with your thoughts, feelings and emotions. There’s lots to choose from and more added each month. No matter what your mood, or how much time you have, there’ll be something there to find and use each day. You can take a sneak peek here…


Your Learnful Family Facebook Group is only for families who have signed up to the membership.

In this group you can safely share whatever you need to support your family’s health and happiness. This is where the real talk, real-life and practical aspects of mindfulness can be discussed. I’m a mum, running my own business who understands the practical challenges you face (reluctant children, limited time, your own stress to name a few).   If your children have questions, post them. If you want to ask or share something, go for it! With a community of like-minded families, we can empower, support and nurture each other without fear or judgement – just connection and compassion.



I’m Jo Bradley, an online mindfulness coach for schools and families.

Once an Assistant Headteacher and a teacher in primary schools for over 10 years, and now a trained mindfulness teacher with a young family, I know how overwhelming and unbalanced work, school and life can get. 

Mindfulness practice has improved my own mental and emotional wellbeing and will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

Being able to support my own family through mindful awareness has been simple and easy. I do it for me and it rubs off on them.

I want the same for you. The empathy, communication, forgiveness and action to help you support yourself and your family.


My school membership has been running for over two years and has achieved some remarkable transformations for children, teachers and parents. Here’s a few things they’ve said about the impact a regular mindfulness practice has had:

“I cannot recommend Jo enough! Every single child and staff member feels the benefit of practising ‘noticing’ every day. Her work is vital to surviving and succeeding in this very complex and complicated world.”

Headteacher, Redlands Community Primary School Faye, 5

“Jo, I have told you on a couple of occassions how your mindfulness classroom activities are making a difference to my children and it has been one of the best interventions purchased by the school. Words cannot describe the joy in my little girl when she instantly feels better when using one of your techniques that you teach them. She has her top 5 favourites that have the most incredible impact on her. It should be standard practice in every school. Thank you x”

Kerrie, Parent Faye, 5

“It’s helped me to understand that my emotions are normal. They come and visit for a bit then they go. ”

Year 4 child Faye, 5

…and the same can be achieved so easily at home

Start transforming today…

…for £17 a month for your whole family.


How old do my children have to be?

Any age. Young children under 5yrs, are naturally mindful. We can learn a lot by observing them! As a general guide, the videos, audios and activities are suitable from 6yrs up with adult support. My best advice is to lead by example. Start by doing it for you and invite them to join you.

I'm new to mindfulness. Is this suitable for me and my family?

Absolutely yes. Whether you are new to the practice or have already dabbled, it’s suitable. There’s a lot of variety in the membership so you can find your way around and learn what you enjoy and what helps.

Do you offer refunds?

No. As this is pay-as-you-go there are no refunds available. You can cancel your payment anytime.

Can I leave the membership when I like?

Yes of course. Payment is taken every 30 days. If you wish you leave, cancel your payment and if you can, do let me know by email. I’d be very sorry to see you go but you are always welcome to rejoin and use the free resources and community.

How much time will it take?

It’s completely up to you how much time you dedicate to your mindful practice. Each video and audio is less than 10 minutes, some as short as 3 minutes. I encourage you to practice at least once a day. 

When are the LIVE sessions and masterclasses?

I’ll announce the timings of each LIVE session each week. To start with, I’m going for 4pm every Sunday. If this doesn’t work out for the majority of the Learnful Community or for me, then I’ll flex and adapt and keep you informed.

The masterclasses will be held on the last Wednesday of each month at 8pm. 

Do we have to do something everyday?

Liken mindfulness practice to brushing your teeth.

If you brushed your teeth once a day, then they would be stronger healthier teeth than those that were brushed every other day.

If you brush twice a day, they will be healthier and stronger than teeth brushed only once a day.

How much you do is up to you. I invite you to practice with me at least once a day, using the membership and implement mindful awareness throughout your day.

It’s the regularity and consisteny that leads to transformation.

How much does the membership cost?

£17 a month.

That’s less than £5 a week to notice and nurture the mental and emotional health of yourself and your family.

Got a question?

Email me at jo@learnful.co.uk


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