It’s easy to automatically focus on things we still haven’t done, tasks we need to get better at and the constant urge to BE BETTER and DO BETTER in our lives.

Schools are places of learning and as children learn one thing, they build on it, master it and move on to the next bigger, better, more detailed thing.

Pointing ourselves to regularly notice what we CAN DO, HAVE DONE and where we ARE BEING GREAT is an important reflection time that should be embedded regularly in all of our days – whether we are child, parent or teacher.

A regular self-praise practice can increase motivation, strengthen positive neural pathways in the brain and invite ‘wanted emotional visitors’ such as happiness, contentment and pride. Without this important reflection time, we can easily find ourselves at the mercy of ‘unwanted emotional visitors’ such as shame, guilt or sadness.

Before you go, say out loud three things that you’re good at, proud of or happy that you’ve achieved right now.

Well done! Now go and share this tip with others and encourage them to regularly do the same.

Little things, done daily can make a BIG difference to mental health and wellbeing.

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