Loneliness is a feeling that is experienced.

It is what many of us would label as uncomfortable and/or unenjoyable.

We wouldn’t choose to experience it and we’d love for our children to avoid it too.

However, we don’t often to get to pick and choose our feelings, they visit us uninvited.

Here are some simple steps to help manage feelings of loneliness when they visit you or your family members

Focus attention on the meaningful connections that are in your lives:
– Who are your family and friends and people you care about? Write them down. All of them.
– Who are the people that care about you and you care about?
– Who are good people to talk to, connect with and ask for help when you need it? These could be friends, peers, younger children, older children, school staff, colleagues or family.

Consider how these people help you? What do they actually do?
– Do they make you laugh?
– Do they listen to you?
– Do they cheer you up with their smile or words?
– Do they encourage you?
– Do they give you good advice?
– Do they make you feel safe?
– Do they invite you to join in?
– Do they ask you to play or do things?
– Do they share with you?
– Do they do kind things for you?

Connect with these meaningful connections when you’re feeling lonely. Get in touch, talk with them and seek them out. Encourage your children to do the same at school.

If it’s not possible to connect with someone in that moment, then:

Look at how you can be your own best friend in that moment.
Taking the list above as a guide for us we can :
– Find something that makes us laugh or cheers us up.
– Listen to yourself by journalling your thoughts or talking them to a mirror. Get them out and share them like you would with a friend.
– Smile for yourself and say helpful words (“I’m OK.” “This feeling will pass.”).
– Encourage yourself to go out, do something, change your scenery.
– Give yourself some good advice and then follow it.
– Find a safe space. A room, a feeling, a thought, a song, an environment or a nurturing hug.
– Invite yourself to join in with something. Play a game on your own, draw, colour, read, dance.
– Do something fun. Play, laugh, seek out some joy.
– Do something kind for yourself.

Loneliness is something experienced all humans at times. Being equipped and empowered when it visits is crucial for our long-term wellbeing.

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