Year 6 children, teachers and school staff in Learnful Schools watched this video to learn about how to help themselves when their mind goes blank in a test.

The immediate emotional reaction is to get stressed…

  • Body contracts and tenses
  • Breath shallows and quickens
  • Inner voice gets shouty, bossy, critical and impatient

Yet when Year 6’s are empowered and equipped and have mentally and emotionally rehearsed this situation with practice and awareness, they can choose a more suitable and helpful response.

  • Bring calm into the body through breath and grounding
  • Lengthen and slow breathing to counteract a high-alert nervous system
  • Notice, acknowledge and thank inner voice for trying to keep you safe and gently and confidently let it know you’re doing OK and do not need it’s help at this moment
  • Proceed with a smile and peace

Have a watch below or play directly to your Year 6 child or Year 6 class to help them. 

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