Most people in schools next week will be experiencing and operating with an internal ‘edginess’. It’s understandable, uncomfortable and perfectly normal under the circumstances.

But how much openness and discussion will there be about these feelings?

My worry is that it is unspoken.

Not mentioned.

Get stuck in and don’t discuss the internal goings-on.

Unless someone is really obviously struggling, there’s little or no support or teaching about thoughts and feelings when faced with change.

And my word, it’s needed. We all need to know that feeling sick, shallow breathing, a slight jitteriness and tightness in the stomach is normal right now.

Uncomfortable but normal.

We also need to know what to do to help ourselves when we’re feeling like that.

Big breaths, lots of pauses, shake and move and know we’re in good company with our feelings. Notice ourselves. Relax ourselves. Give ourselves time to adjust and go gently.

Connect and slow this next week, there’s no rush. Settled and safe is priority.

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