Three mindfulness teachings, all before 8am, delivered to you by a 3 year old and 5 year old…

Lesson 1
“Is it morning time?” asks my 3 year old at 6:50am.

“It is.” I reply.

“Yessss!” he responds, throwing the cover off his bed.

What adults do you know (yourself included) approach each day with this optimism?

My three year old is reminding me of the mindfulness practice, beginner’s mind. Starting each moment/day with openness, eagerness and free of preconceptions.

As adults, we bring to each day a weight of expectations. All happening in our past and future thinking. Looking back and looking forwards – not simply present with life just NOW.

My 3 year old gave me this gift at 6:50am and I gladly took it. Operating as much as possible from a clean slate.

I headed downstairs straight to Lesson 2:

Lesson 2

I walk into the living room to find my very happy 5 year old dancing round…with his pants on his head!

Normally, I would bring to this moment two things – frustration and annoyance. He’s supposed to be getting dressed for school. Grrrr.

However, I am operating from beginner’s mind so I laugh, smile and discuss how funny he looks and that it’s great to see him having so much fun.

It makes me wonder, what can I/we learn from this? Where can we bring some child-like fun, joy and silliness into our day? Where can we let our seriousness drop and replace it with some carefree fun and smiles?

Lesson 3

I overhear my 3 year old saying, “Thank you Daddy” for getting him his breakfast. Lovely and proud moment.

Then I realise that I too am grateful for my husband getting the breakfast and school clothes ready because it’s allowed me to have an easier, more relaxed start to the day.

Overhearing my son’s thank you, reminds me to show my gratitude and notice things I am grateful for.

Can you list right now, things that you are grateful for?

So there you have it. Three mindfulness lessons from my two young sons on how to be grateful, joyous and to approach each moment with a beginner’s mind.

I hope these lessons helps you today as much as they’ve helped me.

Enjoy 😊

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