I’ve had a few conversations recently about people reacting in an aggressive manner rather than responding in a calm way.

The first was a Headteacher receiving abuse from parents when reminded to wear a mask on site. The other was a friend in a supermarket getting shouted at by another shopper for not following the rules. I also see it in my own child (and myself) when we’re tired, feeling fed up or challenged.

This led me to record a series of videos and mindful activities for children and teachers on the theme of Volcanoes. Sharing what internal uncomfortable feelings are present and how they can explode or vent and affect other’s around us and ourselves.

This week, why not give yourself and your children some calm and quiet, whilst they mindfully pay attention to their breath, their drawing, their wandering mind and a chance to reflect on their own volcano moments.

It’s one of many videos that I produce for Learnful Schools each week. Each day, children and teachers in every class, take a few minutes to prioritise their mental health and emotional wellbeing by practising mindfulness together. For more information about school membership, click here.

I’d love to hear from you or your children if you have a go, post pics or comments on school twitter or Facebook accounts and tag me in @LearnfulwithJo.

Enjoy 😊

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