Not seeing friends and loved ones during isolation can bring on feelings of sadness, loneliness, upset and depression.

They (and us) are experiencing loss. Loss of friendship, loss of connection and loss of ‘normal’ friendship routines.

Similar to grief, feelings come, go and vary in intensity. There will be triggers and behaviours that are a result of these visiting emotions.

This video explains how we look to external solutions and comforts and how we can choose habits to support us, yet also fall into habits that don’t serve us well long-term.

By taking a dual approach of looking inward at our emotions as well as outward to external factors, we can strengthen our mental and emotional resilience and ease our suffering until the time comes to see our friends again.

This video covers:
– acknowledgement of emotions and events
– taking comfort from company (you are not alone in this)
– communicating with friends and family
– paying attention and getting attuned to the physical sensations of loss
– forgiveness and compassion for our suffering and the circumstances around it.

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