Before I go any further, working and homeschooling is a challenge for all of us. It’s not your kids, you or your home set-up. It’s simply NOT EASY. Working from home? Yes! Homeschooling? Yes! Both at the same time – hmmmmm.

Forgive yourself for not finding it easy and congratulate yourself for navigating your way through day-by-day.

This short video is mindful breathing that requires focus and concentration. It also involves nostrils, which always makes me, other immature adults like me, and the children I work with, giggle a bit.

It’s great to use before you start work or learning, or as a reset to regain concentration on the task you’re doing.

Much needed in the time ahead.

Take a look and give it a go…

Let me know how you get on 😊 Jo x

If you’ve found this useful do let me know how it’s helped you and/or your children.

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