We’re now in a position where we’re homeschooling our children.

One HUGE topic that is massively overlooked in education is that of caring for our mental health and emotional wellbeing. (It’s definitely improving, I’m glad to say).

Now I guarantee that the majority of work sent home for your children is academic. The knowledge rich curriculum of information and facts.

I doubt you or they will be guided on how to notice and nurture your emotional visitors. During family lockdown, this is more important than ever.

This video explains the simple task of getting curious about where our emotional visitors visit.

Give it a watch, download the PDF and get your crayons out. All of you!

PDF Download: Where _______visits me (1)

Become a curious investigator of what your body is holding and experiencing. From stress, to anxiety, excitement to calm, they will all be there if you get still enough, regularly enough.

I’d love to hear how this helps you and your family, send me a message to jo@learnful.co.uk

😊 Jo x

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