With so much going on this term it’s easy to lose yourself in the thick of things.

Getting through each day, hour-by-hour, always so busy DOING.

Checking off your lists, organising, finding, remembering, sorting, teaching, reflecting, tidying, making…but what about enjoying?

Where does that feature for you at the moment?

Where is fun and pleasure happening for you at school?

When are you smiling and laughing?

At a time of year that is filled with fun and festivities, the children are having an absolute ball. But what about you?

Do those questions make you frown, smile, roll your eyes, snort, shake or nod your head? Notice your response. Are you struggling to think of answers? Your response to those questions is your quiet inner guide, gently letting you know where fun and enjoyment sit with you.

Realising how much fun and happiness you are having in your work day is a great finding. On a scale of 1-10 where are you sitting on the happy scale?

Wherever you are, here’s a wellbeing tip…


Just like a flower arranger, a landscape gardener and the decorator of a Christmas tree.

Stand back, put your joy filter on, and observe the scene.

Take moments each day to seek out and look for the happiness, joy and pleasure. Things that make you smile, things that make you proud, things that make you feel like you’ve done (and are doing) an awesome job.

When you’re walking down the corridor today, rather than noticing the coats on the floor, the scuffed display board, the running not walking children, or with a head full of thoughts, focus on something else. Look for the good stuff. Seek it out.

It can be as simple as spotting that child who has had a rough time – laughing with their friends at playtime or a little message in a Christmas card. It might even be noticing the blue sky and clouds in December or a smile and joke with a colleague. Maybe for you, this time of year is full of fun with less marking, more freedom and giggles.

With excited children and changes in the school routine this time of year, behaviour changes. Yours and theirs. If your attention is always drawn to the difficult stuff – the stress you feel, how tired you are or the overwhelm and chaos of Christmas term then you’ll always pick out those difficulties. Difficult behaviour draws you in, remind yourself to pull back. Put the extra effort in to make yourself look for the happy moments.

If you never look up, zoom out, pull back, you’ll miss them.

And you deserve better.

You deserve to be smiling during this term too. You deserve happiness, fun and simple pleasures during school time. They are there.

Sharing your findings or your intentions to seek out the good, will help your children to do the same.

Become a role-model and ambassador for happiness 🙂

Wishing you a happy day ahead,

Jo x

 If this has resonated with you and you fancy sharing a tweet, post or a short message, I always love to hear from you.

P.P.S. If you’d like more information about how I can help your whole school develop a culture that prioritises wellbeing, then drop me an email or follow the link below. The Spring Term Learnful School Membership is now available for a January start. Everyone in school, taking a few minutes each day to calm, connect and practice compassion. Possibly the best gift you could receive and give this Christmas!

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