The weather here today is sunny and clear. Bright and warming.

Have you ever considered what your internal weather is like? How does this affect your communication with others and your day-to-day actions?

Bright and clear, warm and sunny or are clouds building?

The good thing about using the weather to consider our emotions is that no matter what, they come and go.

Using the weather is also a great way to talk to children about their emotions. It detaches them from ‘being’ their emotions and allows them to understand the fleeting nature of emotional visitors. “I’m feeling sad” rather than, “I’m sad.” It’s a subtle difference but an important one.

You can have clouds, rainbows, rain, wind, hail and calm.

On Sunday June 2nd 2019 I’ll be working with parents and their children on how they can work with their internal weather systems and learn how to be kind to themselves before, during and after weather events.

For details and to book, follow the link.

There are currently 5 spaces left available.

I’ll certainly be appreciating the sun today ☀️ because I know it won’t last!

Jo x

Parent & Child Mindfulness and Mindset Workshop details here

If you’ve found this useful do let me know how it’s helped you and/or your children.

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