Learnful School Membership Programme


Delivering daily mindfulness into classrooms

The Learnful School Membership Programme delivers mindfulness and mindset for you.

A whole-school approach, where teachers and pupils learn and practise mindfulness and mindset together, equipping themselves with a well-being toolbox for life.

Want to try?

Sample five FREE videos for your school or classroom today.

The videos, suitable for KS2, cover themes such as:

Breathing techniques. Heart and belly breaths for happiness, calm and focusing attention.
– Being aware and in control. What happens when your emotions control you.
– Pencil and palm roll. A mindful activity, perfect for the classroom, which helps bring awareness to the present moment.
– Powerful self-talk and beliefs. Is your self-talk holding you back or supporting your progress?
– Mindset qualities for growth. You can do anything if you want it enough.

The FREE sample videos include:

  • An introduction video
  • A testimonial from a Learnful School
  • daily videos to use in your classroom
  • An example parent video

To organise your FREE sample videos, contact me today at jo@learnful.co.uk

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