Free Mindfulness Resources for Anti-Bullying Week 2019

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This years Anti-Bullying Week theme is Change Starts With Us. 

To support this important week, I’ve created a week’s worth of mindfulness resources for primary school teachers to use directly in their classrooms.


To become aware of how we support other people by showing kindness, respect and friendship then a great place to start is by looking at how we do this for ourselves.


This set of FREE video resources are an opportunity for each individual watching, to focus on their inner world and become aware of their own actions, thoughts and feelings.


The themes covered these mindfulness resources align with the themes from the Anti-Bullying Week Campaign:

Kindness – Learning to be kind to yourself

Caring – What does self-care look like for you?

Respect – Noticing how you respect yourself

Friendship – Being your own best friend

There’s even a short and sweet intro video for teacher’s to watch and a video to send out to parents too. Cultivating a culture of mindful awareness across your whole school community.

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I do hope you enjoy these resources.

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