6 Week School Mindfulness Course

Is 2019-2020 the school year for you to prioritise the well-being of your teachers, school staff and children?

Are you concerned about the rising number of child mental health issues in your school and the emotional/mental well-being support for teachers?

Could you invest a few minutes a day for your staff and children to slow down and focus on themselves? An opportunity to pause, reflect and discover what thoughts, feelings and emotions are going on for them?

If so, then you need my online 6-Week Mindfulness Course. It’s so easy (no extra work for teachers), and is taught by myself – a fully-trained, practising teacher of mindfulness (and ex-assistant headteacher). A short video, four days out of five for six whole weeks. Click and play.

After six-weeks everyone will have tools and techniques they can use to support themselves when they notice they are feeling anxious, overwhelmed, upset or any other uncomfortable emotional state.

To put it simply, they will know themselves better and know how to help themselves better.

Practising mindfulness together develops an ethos of caring and compassion. Improving behaviour, concentration for learning and kindness to self and others.

6 Week School Mindfulness Course for KS2

Less than 10 minutes a day, four days a week.

Mindfulness practice for all.

What’s covered in the course:
Introductory and explanatory videos for school staff and children. Get off to an easy and stress-free start.

What mindfulness is and how to do it.
Using your breath and senses to anchor you.

The feeling body.
Getting to know your true home (your body).

Mindful Movement.
Paying attention to bodily sensations.

Thought Watchers.
Become curious and aware of your mind’s activity.

Dealing with difficult emotions.
Learn to accept and embrace your emotional visitors.

Develop compassion and empathy for yourself and others.

BONUS: At the end of each week, you will receive a weekly update video link to send to parents.
They can learn about their child’s mindful practice that week and be given suggestions on how they can support at home.

Investment: £497
(*Small school and multiple school discounts available)

Here’s what other teachers, children and parents have said about my school mindfulness programmes:

“One of my boys used breathing techniques earlier in the week whereas he used to abscond and lose his temper, your techniques are really starting to get through.” Year 4 teacher.

“My son loves your videos and they are really helping him to understand and manage his moods. He even showed ME how to relax with a body scan before bed. Thanks Jo.” Parent of Year 6 child.

“Since practising mindfulness with Jo, our children have really opened up about their emotions and are finding it much easier to talk about what has happened to them. Before, there was a lot of blame after a friendship fall out, now there is more honesty about their own actions.” Headteacher.

“I went to support a residential school trip and saw the impact of the mindfulness work. Every child had breathing techniques and tools to help them feel confident and overcome their fears. Their friends had the most encouraging words of advice too. Another parent was amazed and said she should start watching the parent videos as they may help her at home! Wonderful stuff and so important.” Parent of a Year 4 child.

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