Teachers, have a mindful moment to yourself even in your busy classroom.

“Yeah right!” I hear you say, rolling your eyes.

Bear with me please. It IS absolutely possible and I’d go so far as to say it’s necessary and crucial that you do this.

We both know that you don’t stop from the moment you open your eyes till you go to bed. Even if you’re still, sitting or having your lunch, your mind is constantly whirring over what still needs to be done and probably how tired you’re feeling.

To truly pause, we need to ‘unmind’ too. Get out of our busy thinking head and into somewhere a little easier with no drama.

That place is your body, your home. By placing your attention on your true felt sensations, you are giving yourself a chance to experience what is real and easy. A break. A pause. A moment to yourself.

This very short video uses the examples of register time and handing out book time. Getting your class to line up time is also another good one.

During these times you can choose to place your attention not on your class, but on your own direct felt experience in your body. No-one knows you are doing it and if they ask – tell them! You become a great role-model for modelling mindful behaviour that aids your mental health!

Have a watch and try it out. Then if you like it. Keep doing it and make it a habit.

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