LISTEN HERE: Mindful Staff Meeting Starter for Primary Schools

As you know, the mental health of your staff is critical to the functioning of your school.

One area that is often overlooked for school staff is transition time – that part of your day between children going home and the next tasks beginning.

To truly honour your own health and that of your staff, it’s good to take a pause. An opportunity to sit, breathe and check-in with yourself. Learning to dedicate a little more quality to your rest,  than a hurried slurp of coffee and quick wee before you carry on.

Pausing throughout your day can make you more productive, calmer, less reactionary and more responsive and all round more able to attend to the ‘next thing’ in a composed and welcoming way.

I’ve recorded a free mindful audio for you and your staff to play at the start of a staff meeting. It’s 7 minutes long and is an opportunity for you all to STOP. Stop and pause from the goings-on of that day and the ‘what’s to come’ in your staff meeting.

Use this link to play the audio and then collectively sit down, rest and listen.

I’d love to know how you get on

For more info on the Learnful schools programme click here


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